Who are we?


Paulin family in Melbourne
Tony, Ivana and Matija


Paulin family


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Species: Homo sapiens (Latin for “wise man” at least we hope we are!)
Life expectancy: science says 80 years (let’s add few more to explore the whole World)
Speed: as slow as possible while travelling
A big family that has three specimens at the moment. Tony (The Big Chief, at least he thinks so), Ivana (The Big Chief, actually) and Matija (The Batman of the family).
Why at the moment? Because we like to adopt and make the members of our family different furry, feathery, scaly creatures that live on this Earth. Why big? We are big because we always try to observe the world with our big and opened hearts. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we just try, because we believe in trying.
Not so long ago we were a family of five together with our furry buddies. Campy and May. They made us better humans and fulfilled their mission in that way. With our greatest gratitude, we thank them every day for small seeds of happiness that we find in our path that remind us to persevere in being awesome humans.
We aim to travel as much as possible no matter how far and how long. We love to travel with our friends or just the three of us. We travel by plane, by car, by ferry, by train or even in the back of a pickup truck between villages in Thailand. Join us, by reading our blogs, watching our vlogs or follow us on our social media.
Our mission on Earth
To live peacefully with people no matter who they are and what is their mission.
To eat and share excellent food with the people mentioned above.
To travel as much as possible.
To listen to awesome music.
To enjoy life every day.
To be happy.
Let’s go! The World awaits for us!




I was born in eastern Croatia where the sky has the deepest blue colour, where the cherries are the sweetest, where the sun kisses the Danube river in the most playful way and where the snow under your boots squeaks the most satisfying in the whole wide world.
During my life, I finished school and faculty to prepare myself for the job I knew I would like to work since I was a little kid. Today I am a school teacher and enjoy it to the fullest.
I volunteer whenever my everyday obligations let me and whenever I find the time to give myself completely. I believe that volunteering is the most important job in the world because you give your heart and soul and you get paid by the love and appreciation.    
I like to read, hike, camp, cook, bake cakes, knit, crochet, garden….and travel. Oh yes, to travel as much as possible. Personally, I think that travelling does not have to be expensive and scary but fun and fulfilling. Going to the nearest village to help your friends gardening is the journey as much as going to Australia. You just need to make that first step. The most important and crucial step. It is not about the quantity of the steps and miles you take but the quality of the feeling you perceive by being brave to do so.
Love yourself, love the people, love the Earth and enjoy!




My name is Tony, and I like to think that I am in charge 🙂 Actually, it is Ivana. My lovely wife till death do us apart.
I was born in the capital of Croatia a few decades ago. I love Zagreb because it lays on both shores of river Sava in the foothill of green Medvednica. It has fine cuisine that my grandmother taught me how to cook and enjoy only the freshest ingredients that surrounding villages produce locally. It has movie and music festivals, theatre shows from all over the world and vivid night and day life.
I work in the aviation business for all of my life. I am an electronic specialist. Luckily this job combines my professional knowledge and hobbies that I enjoy. I work at Zagreb airport, the main airport in Croatia that just recently went through the modernisation so this was an exciting period for me.
With a few fields of interest, besides my airport job, I own a private company. The main domain of the company is web development and digital marketing. so feel free to contact me and top up our chest of gold for travelling. Thank you!
I am diabetic from early childhood and involved in volunteering for diabetic societies in Croatia.
My greatest pleasure is, and I hope to inspire others to start exploring the world.
Photography is my love for many years now, and I hope that you will enjoy my attempts of capturing the beauty of the nature, people, food and all the wonders of this big and colourful world.
Hopefully, we will meet sometimes…somewhere and exchange our stories, tips & tricks to make our next adventure even more pleasant.




Hi, my name is Matija. I am 12 years old. My hobbies are playing a guitar, scouts and flying a drone. I love to travel with an aeroplane because it is cozy and fast. I travel with my parents and friends. We have a lot of fun when we start to plan our trip, but the most fun we have when we travel around the World.
My favourite trips so far are to Australia and Thailand. We were twice in Australia and I liked both ways we were there because we saw wildlife (animals and plants) that we cannot see in any other continent. In Thailand, I really liked the food. They have extraordinary delicious coconuts, pineapples and small bananas.
My plans for the future are to travel as much as possible and meet new friends around the World.