Friday afternoon. Rush hour. Tiredness to the maximum. Kiddy needs a sleeping mat for his field trip with scouts tomorrow morning. Drive to the big sports store in Zagreb to get it.
Tony, what do you think about going to Slovenia tomorrow?
Yes, tomorrow.

Let’s go!

That’s why I married him. Because he knows when my breaking point is near and when I need a trip of any kind. Thank You for that :*
Saturday 5 am. Driving Kiddy to the bus station. Hugs and happiness. He was happy to go with friends, I was happy because of the time of my life. No, just kidding. I was happy to disconnect for a weekend. Taking all the stuff to the car. Sleeping bags, backpack, water bottle, that’s it and we are off.
Driving through Slovenia to the National park Triglav was really picturesque because everything was green and spring was just starting to show. Cows grazed on open meadows. There weren’t many cars on the road so we were on Bled in less than 2,5 hours.
Use the app to find free spots to park or use paid parking if you want to save time. Bled is a touristy spot so use all available apps to help yourself. All the apps that work by people anticipation are a good option here because lots of tourists fill them with data on an everyday basis.

Why visit the lake and the town of Bled?

Did you know that Bled was nominated as one of the seven new wonders of the world? Pretty cool, huh!?
Bled is Alpine lake with the only island in Slovenia. And how cool is that! The whole country has only one island to which you can row by your own in the pretty wooden boat or you can use those that have rower but in that boat will be much more people and you will be restricted to explore and enjoy it by yourself. Row to the lake and enjoy all those 99 steps (yes, I counted) uphill to the Assumption of Mary Church. On the top awaits the ice cream because you just burnt all that calories 🙂 Ring on church bell from the early 16th century and make a wish. Make it a good one so think ahead while you row in the serenity of the lake. The legend has it that pope himself donated the bell to the church after the original bell donated by the widow in remembrance of her late husband, ended up sinking to the bottom of the lake in a storm. Can anyone explain to me who would go – on a lake – in a boat – with a bell of few tons – during the storm? Whaaaaat?
Low budget tip: It is not crucial to take a boat ride but it is pretty enjoyable. 

Walk around the lake because every corner is magnificent and worth at least a glance of your eye. Or rent a fijaker, a coach with horses and enjoy!
Low budget tip: Walk! It’s good for your health! Just walk! It’s just an hour walk, maybe two hours if you take pictures on every spot that you like and you will like a lot of them.
Visit Bled Castle from the 12th century to take pictures of the whole lake and island. 12th-century people! Castle on a rock that stands there solidly for the past 9 centuries. C’mon! Pretty amazing! If you have time spend some time there and try manual printing or bottle wax sealing. Tony took some awesome pictures during the day and night.
Low budget tip: we just took pictures because we were in the tight time frame. Explore the internet and yt to find out does their offer appeals to your liking 🙂

After so fulfilled day sit and enjoy a glass of wine or hot chocolate with Bled famous cream cake (Blejska kremšnita) in The Park Café or again use an app to find a restaurant that you prefer. We went to Pizzeria Rustica and had pizza Triglav (3glav) with Laško draft beer. Try it! Just go and try it! And for all the people out there that seek pleasant staff in restaurants…go there! Just go there! Not sponsored! But, go there! 🙂
Low budget tip: Tony and I are not big fans of kremšnita, so we skip it 🙂 Pizza is always a good option if you don’t have a kitchen in your accommodation and this pizza was extraordinarily delicious. Tap water is drinkable and available on Bled, but Laško draft beer is much enjoyable 🙂 

Let’s start this paragraph with low budget tip.

Sleep in your car – this tip is as cheap as possible! If you don’t get busted 🙂 So prepare yourself ahead. We have a car that allows us to lower back seats to make queen size bed. We have good camping gear that we collect through the years of “hunting on sales”. Again – use apps! We used Park4night! Again, not sponsored, just pretty good app. Find the coordinates of the place that you like, copy it to any navigation app because Park4night app doesn’t have navigation to the spot you choose (or we weren’t able to find it). Most important tips are – check the place during the day and come back late in the evening. We slept by the river Sava Bohinjka with the sounds and morning view that no money can’t buy even if we would like to.
Some of those days I’ll find time to make the whole blog with tips&trick about car sleeping and finding the perfect spot. I promise, just give me time. Enough time 🙂

Sunday morning. Blissful morning. After a whole week of stress, work and waking up early in the morning we woke up after 8 am. We slept through the whole night and had a really great night. We woke up and enjoyed the sounds of nature. For that short period of time, the whole universe stood still and nothing on this earth wasn’t important to us. Just the sound of water running over the stones and pebbles and birds chirping to greet the new day. Is there anything better than washing your face in a river after a good night sleep?

The plan was to visit Vintgar gorge but again we had limited time so instead, we drove to lake Bohinj but again we changed our mind and drove all the way to the Savica waterfall. Actually, we drove to the parking, had our morning coffee in Savica hut and hiked to the Savica waterfall which is hidden amidst the steep walls of the Komarča. We learned that negative ions around the waterfall are so strong that good feeling after visiting this place is guaranteed. Took a lot of pictures, made a few short term and long term life plans, made our first vlog and went down the hill.
On our way back home we stopped on lake Bohinj and took a picture with the famous statue of chamois. Last time I took a picture with this statue was a few decades ago 🙂

Thank you Slovenia for having us. We’ll be back soon and bring our friends with us! So, let’s go!

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