Nevertheless, if you are packing for a weekend, a summer vacation, a month or a year-long trip packing can be a pain in the ass or fun and quick thing to do. During the years of different types of travel, we managed to learn some tips & tricks.

  • Don’t overpack

Three weeks of roadtriping Australia

Three weeks of roadtriping Australia

If you are going for a weekend break or just a few days it is crucial to check the weather forecast. You don’t need a rain jacket if the sun will shine at its best with high temperatures every day of your short stay. You don’t need extra pairs of shoes (I mean 5 – 6 extra pairs) for any occasion that won’t happen. You don’t need your high heels if you are going for two nights in a wood cabin to disconnect from the electronics, you don’t need rubber boots if you are going on a city break, let’s say to Paris and the weather looks good.

When you make a list and you know that you have a problem with overpacking just leave half of the stuff behind. You don’t need it!

Enjoy the trip, travelling, laughing, food, friends…The Moments!

  • Pack in advance

Start packing a day if you are going for a weekend or a few days earlier if you are going for a longer period of time. Our family don’t have and don’t buy lots of clothes. So, we have to be careful with what we will pack and wear the last week before longer trips. Usually, a week before travel we wear our oldest and worst clothes because everything else is in the washer or on a drying rack.

If you are going for a weekend pack on the evening before. You will sleep better. It is also important to be relaxed the next day without worrying will you manage to do everything before you leave. The next day if you have to go to work or school you will finish all your chores without worrying about things you have to put in your suitcase.

It is wise to open your suitcase and just throw everything crucial and essential that crosses your mind. Like medicaments and chargers, not clothes and stuff you don’t really need and can lead to overpacking.

  • Use travel containers or bars for toiletries

Ready for camping

Ready for camping

Very important! And it can be pretty cheap if you collect small containers from promo packs that you usually get in shops whether you wanted or not. Just wash it properly and reuse it every time you travel. The Earth will be tankful. This step is crucial if you travel with LCC (low-cost carrier) because you have to save on space in your backpack. Pour the body lotion or any other product from the big container to the smaller ones in the amount you think you will need for the time of your stay.

If you are going to a hotel that provides complimentary toiletries and your skin can handle change for a few days this is a good option too.

Please remember that you have to include your toiletries along with the amount of your permitted liquid if you travel with hand luggage only.

A good alternative to liquids is bar toiletries. Almost every store has it, depending on the country that you live in. Shampoos, conditioners, hand and body lotions. Even toothpaste is produced as tablets that you can chew and make foam with your toothbrush.

Don’t forget sunscreen and repellent if you travel to a warm climate.

  • Use packing cubes

We discovered packing cubes a few years ago and we love them. This is the best thing ever because you can pack and stock lots of clothes in a very small space.

  • Roll your clothes

Very good advice that we learned from YT a long time ago. Don’t stack your perfectly ironed clothes, unless you are going on a business trip, roll it. Then put them in packing cubes. You will be surprised how much you can pack in a very small bag.

What to pack?



You need only one pair of really comfortable shoes. In the summertime, it could be sandals, in late spring or early autumn sneakers, in winter and colder and rainy periods of year waterproof boots.

Our embarrassing family secret is that we love Crocs. Despite they are ugly as hell, this is the perfect summer footwear for long walks while sightseeing, going on a rocky beach, spending long and hot days on concrete or running from the summer heavy rain. Once you accept the ugliness of it you will be perfectly happy and your feet will thank you.

One to two weeks

Two pairs of footwear depending on the season you are travelling to. Remember the most important thing is that your shoes must be comfortable. You might even take some slippers along with you or flip-flops so you could use them in a shower if you are staying in youth hostels with common showers.



One long or short pair of trousers. It depends on the season, weather and occasion. You will have them for three days so make sure they are comfortable and wearable on any occasion you have to participate.

One to two weeks

Take extra pair of trousers. It could be extra pair of jeans so you can wash the other pair, sweat pants if you want to be more comfortable or your extra nice trousers if you need to suit up for some occasions during your trip.

Two weeks of exploring Thailand

Two weeks of exploring Thailand

Shirts and T-shirts


You need one T-shirt for every day and that’s it. OK, you might take one extra nice shirt if you plan to go out in the evening. Put your shirt on top of your suitcase but plan to iron it upon arrival or find a brand that sells shirts made of a mixture of materials that doesn’t wrinkle.

One to two weeks

Five to six T-shirts if your accommodation has a washing machine. Don’t overpack. It’s not important to wear that much clothing because you’ll find it hard to carry it around your transportation.

Hoodie or cardigan


One! Only one! Will you take a hoodie or cardigan depends on your personal preference.

One to two weeks

You can take one to two hoodies and one to two cardigans. But three in total is more than you will need because you can combine them with shirts or T-shirts as you like.

Underwears & PJ


One pair of underpants and socks for every day and one bra if you wear it. If you plan to walk or hike a lot sports bra is a wiser option.

Take one PJ or pajama if it’s going to be cool during the nights or you enjoy sleeping in it. In other cases just take cotton T-shirt and pair it with clean underwear.

One or two weeks

If your accommodation has a washing machine take five to six pairs of underpants and sox and two to three bras. Two PJs will be enough.



One warm and light. Only in case, the weather forecast doesn’t look good. It is easy to buy high-end and low-end brand jacket these days that is warm enough but extra light in weight.

One to two weeks

Same as above. Remember to layer for extra warmth!

Some tips and tricks

Remember to layer for cold months. Instead of carrying bulky clothes take a few more shirts or leggings for layering that you can dress as needed. Sports stores nowadays sell thermal underwear made of microfibers that keep you warm in the coldest conditions and they pack in the smallest compartment of your bag.

Don’t panic in case of an emergency. If you travel to a small or big city you can always find a shop and buy new trousers if you poured soup or red wine on it. Or you can just wash it in your hotel or place you are staying.

If your trip includes a special occasion take a nice dress that doesn’t wrinkle in a suitcase and extra pair of nice shoes that doesn’t take a lot of space. We explained how to handle a nice shirt above.

You can spice up your outfit with jewellery, scarves, small bags, sunglasses, belt etc.

Always wear your bulkiest clothes during the trip. You will save space in your suitcase. Especially if you are travelling by airplane. Aircondition can be brutal.

Things not to forget

Documents – Identity card, passport, driving license, bank or credit cards, healthcare card

Electronics – Mobile phone, e-reader, laptop and chargers

First aid kit – Bandaids, antiseptic, antipyretic and painkillers